Saturday, January 24, 2009

Lonely Days.. Examples...

Welcome to my world.. my life.. how can it be describe..?
- BoRing..
- LonElY... (Especially)!
I was wondering.. y am i born so lonely n boring..?

My Whole week.. Open diary..

-laz week.. borrow elaine's ds.. this week... promise to borow again.. but din? Wtf... nvm.. i dun care.. We 反面 le... i dun care..~ tis is a feeling like no1 understand me.. Anymore..
-Tuesday.. pakkiam.. Fuck You.. 1 of my comment.. in bengkel 1 sure noe wad happen..
-Wednesday.. Damn.... Sux... Kena check rambut..? thilai.. another word for u.. Suck My ASS!
-Thursday... NIGHTMARE... walao.... bee in video club... y wanna in? jipEt... i hate that guy.. ham+chan... siam la u... u in i quit.. i tell u sin..
-Friday.. go CC wif CCf... not bad ler... but.. still say.. bcoz of sum reason..

Anyway.. i wish my blog readers.. happy New Year...tqtq~

Friday, January 16, 2009


Whiew..~...<... school start.. so busy.. many homework.. aso less on9.. heheh....

Today updated blog XP.. replacement schooll... me ponteng( biasa lar..) hahaha..~
Well for me.. school sux.. lucky elaine borrow me Ds to play from monday till friday.. Tqtq~~ hahah..... xD...
School.. 2 new student.. SooKeen.. My dota partner come our class~~ wee~~
Den the girl.. name chong Mei.. 4got liao lah.. that 1 ah..not bad la.. heh~

Less On9 from now le.. if got on9 aso not alwayz update blog de.. hah.. coz wan play ma.. every week 3 times oni can play.. hehe...